Based in Madurai, TamilNadu, MithrAI is a fast-paced growing Artificial Intelligence startup, specializing in developing applications, technology, and algorithms. The company focuses on cutting edge algorithm development in the domain of Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding using Machine learning techniques. Serving the parent company based in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, USA, Mithrai is working on revolutionary technology, to be first deployed as an app in both Android and iOS.

With the motto of “Communication is Intelligence”, at MithrAI we have proudly released: “Howzit” AI-powered messaging application. Along with the usual chat, photo sharing abilities, Developed right here in Madurai, it features LIA our innovative on-device AI, enabling users to communicate emotions through text. With the utmost respect for privacy, the intelligence is run on the device without the need to store data on the server, thereby protecting your data from advertisers. Through “Public groups” our users will be able to connect/interact with bright minds in AI, accomplished physique in sports, brave souls in the community and many more. Finally, we are empowering our users to “Take Back Control” and decide on “Whom, What, When and How you share”.

With more AI-based features in the pipeline and the ability to send personalized gifts to strengthen relationships, we are excited to open up multiple internship positions across various domains.

  • AI Research
  • Android App development
  • Server-side programming
  • Quality assurance
  • Data annotation
  • Digital Marketing

Preferred Qualification:

  • Expertise in at least one programming language: python, C++, Java, Kotlin, node.js
  • Expertise in basic algorithms like sorting, arrays, tree and hash
  • Third year or Final year relevant department

Duration: 1 – 3 months
Start Date: Dec’2019

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