AI Seminar & Howzit Launch

Are you tired of social media providers using your data? Are you tired of being THE “Product” rather than just “User”? Have you ever wondered how it feels to take “Control” of your social experience?

These are precisely the problems solved by “Howzit”. Developed right here in India. With features such as,

  • On-device machine learning
  • Public groups
  • Privacy preserved chatting
  • AI Emotion detection

We believe that we have brought differentiated experience

“Howzit” is the only “AI powered messenger”, where guts of AI is built from scratch by our team. Mithrai takes great pride in bringing the entire AI development from data collection, data annotation, model training training and integrating the AI models in the messenger, right to your door steps.

The wait is over. “Howzit AI Messenger” launches this October !!!

Register here to receive AI training packet that includes starter code (python), dataset(train, eval) and training materials that enables you to develop your own sentiment detection algorithm.

Register here

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