AI Messenger App Seminar

MithrAI is a fast-paced growing Artificial Intelligence startup specializing in developing applications, technology, and algorithms. The company focuses on cutting edge algorithm development in the domain of Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding using Machine learning techniques. Serving the parent company based in Plano, Texas, USA.

  • Instant Translation
  • Public Group
  • Anonymous Chat
  • 7DP
  • Emotion Detection in Text
  • Post
  • Greetings

HOWZIT is the only Indian Made AI-powered messenger chat android application developed by Mithrai Inc in Madurai. This application has been developed with several unique features.

About the Seminar:

Are you tired of social media providers using your data? Are you tired of being THE “Product” rather than just “User”? Have you ever wondered how it feels to take “Control” of your social experience?
The conference on Artificial Intelligence & HOWZIT is the answer to all of these questions.

The registration amount that participants are paying for the conference will be donated to the COVID-19 victims’ welfare.

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